User Interaction Design

User Experience Design

Front-End Development


” I’m part of the rare breed of designers who not only can design beautiful UI but can also develop front end visuals; being able to code HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. I believe knowledge is key especially within the digital world, so one can truly push the limits of what is possible.”

Graduate in “Graphic Design” from the University of Portsmouth. Experience in active website design, photographic media, film and print. Educated in conceptual creative thinking and how design is integral to communicating specific messages. It was here that I learned that you need to be more than just creative, you also need hard work and being organised to achieve better results and meet deadlines. Because of this I have a professional approach of structured work, attention to detail and I personally push myself to provide positive results in whatever I do.

I have a friendly and positive attitude, listening and thinking carefully I ask questions and provide opinions and ideas, respecting and appreciating advice and thoughts from others.


Web Development

Being a graphic and web developer I can combine the two to create the best user experience on the web. Using intuitive graphic design along with clever code techniques I can start to build the website that is perfectly suited to the clients requirements.

Usability consultant

Usability is key to any successful product, its the same case when designing and developing websites. The average user looks at a website for less then 30 seconds, if they cant find what they need or can’t workout how to navigate the site they will leave. This is why it is so important to get it right from the ground up. I take usability very seriously and much of my University research was dedicated to finding effective means of usability, be it a website, booking system or interactive design.

Media wrangler

The nice thing about social media is that small businesses have access to the same platform, and can use many of the same strategies, that large national brands do. If it works for Nissan or Coke, odds are there’s a way to make it work for your business too! But knowing the right way in which to get your business heard can be time-consuming and quite complex. That’s why I dedicate my time to looking at new intuitive ways of being heard and how to reach the right people for the clients business.

    • User Flow
    • Wireframing Prototyping
    • Visual Design
    • Metrics Analytics


    • Branding
    • Silkscreen
    • Bookbinding
    • Photography
    • Interactive Design


    • Netbeans
    • Atlassian Jira
    • Atlassian SourceTree
    • Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Final Cut
    • Storyline


    • Facebook Apps and Pages
    • Twitter Setup
    • Social Strategy and Planning


    • HTML and CSS
    • PHP, Ruby and Python
    • Javascript and jQuery
    • Git
    • Apache
    • MySQL


    • E-commerce Cart
    • Database Support
    • Online Shop Management



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  • branding
  • graphic
  • video
  • web
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