15 Signs Your Web Designer is Horrifying.

It has been 9 years since I built my first website and I’m not ashamed to say that back then I was a terrible web designer. To be fare I was a terrible web designer right up to the point when I started my first profession job. Thought out all my education I was only really shown the wrong way of building a website. However, I eventually learned how to perfect the web designing process the hard way, through determination, research and lots of experience. Today, I think it’s safe to say I’m a very good web designer.

I constantly see many web designers making the same mistakes I made 9 years ago so I hope this blog post will help web designers and those who have or are going to hire a web designer. So, if you’re building a new website for your company, here are 15 ways to tell ifContinue Reading..


Internet Explorer is Slowing The Evolution of Man

Why can one small company in Norway produce a browser that is lightning fast works on almost any Operating System including most mobile phones but a giant like Microsoft with nearly limitless resources can’t even produce a browser in over 12 years that is even remotely comparable to anybody else?

The IE Blog claimed that IE9 was better and they showed a graph of how IE9 was worse than any browser out there (though better than IE8). They claimed that it will be better in the future but how much better will everyone else be byContinue Reading..


16 PIXELS For Body Copy. Anything Less Is A Costly Mistake

I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING. “Did he just say 16 pixels? For body copy? Obnoxiously big! 12 pixels is ideal for most websites.”

I’d like to persuade you otherwise.

As usability expert Oliver Reichenstein says in “The 100% Easy-2-Read Standard”:
“16 pixels] is not big. It’s the text size browsers display by default. It’s the text size browsers were intended to display… It looks big at first, but once you use it you quickly realize why all browser makers chose this as the default text size.

In this blog post I’ll explain why 16 pixels should generally be the minimum size for body copy in modernContinue Reading..


Responsive design, controlled and simple.

I wrote a blog post not to long ago, about the ups and downs of a responsive web site. As a general rule, I like to control how my web sites render, with consistency across all devices. This has been one of my long standing principles, but in today’s world with this device centric move, I feel there is some room for improvement. Like I said in “Responsive Design, Join the cool kids club” Create a new HTML document,Continue Reading..


Child safety and the internet

Ok so not really a graphic themed posed but this issue is being talked about a lot at the moment. And it is something I had to deal with, when my brother and sister were youth.

There’s a big, bad, dangerous world out there, as most parents are only too keenly aware. But the problem for this generation  is that while you weren’t looking, someone left the front door open and now the big, bad, dangerous world is right there in your sitting room – or, even worse, behind closed doors in your child’s bedroom – in the form of the internet and, specificallyContinue Reading..


The art of the tease: 10 years of Apple event invites

Apple may be notoriously tight-lipped about what it’s working on, but that’s never stopped it from having just a little bit of fun with teasing what’s to come. From subtle wordplay to carefully chosen imagery, Apple has a history of dropping hints and hiding details about its next announcement right on the invitations it sends out for each event.

I have collected most of Apple’s invitations over the last decade to see just how those hints were hidden, where Apple left no hints at all, and just what it all might mean for the

Continue Reading..


They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.

You may have noticed a couple of small changes around here. That’s because things are changing for me, I am moving onto a new company on Monday. I have found my time with Sparticle very inspiring and fruitful. But it was time for a change. That being said I had to move my site away from Sparticle and remove the plugins I had used to create the blog and gallery’s. I thought it would be nice to explain what I did in the migration process.

The first thing I had to do was remove all the php I had used. This was because the new sever did not support it. I then had to ask the question of how to code the header, footer and the menu. The answer was simpleContinue Reading..


In The Mind Of The Designer

It’s always an interesting element of my job, and I love doing it. With so much bad design on the web you have to consider a range of assets that make a successful website, not just how it appears.

That’s why I have four main principles when creating for web. They are simple guidelines I follow to get the best possible outcome. This does not mean I am ruled by the guidelines but its a goodContinue Reading..


Responsive Design, Join the cool kids club?

Or did they?

It’s easy to dismiss this crowd as old-school agencies, or print-focused creatives who don’t ‘get’ the web, and they certainly do account for a large amount of this RWD-wary crowd. But I’ve noticed a whole bunch of very web-savvy people who seem not only adverse to the idea of adopting the RWD process, but actually quite vocal in their opposition.

So I thought it should be time I address these arguments, and talk about how my workingContinue Reading..


Photography is savoring life at 1/100th of a second

I really felt that my new website was missing something. I came to the conclusion that it needs more of my personality, and the answer was simply photography. I have aways been interested in photography and find that a lot of my design influence comes
Continue Reading..